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diff --git a/README.md b/README.md @@ -20,12 +20,13 @@ A notification can be dismissed either by clicking on it with `DISMISS_BUTTON` ( ```shell $ pkill -SIGUSR1 herbe ``` +Dismissed notifications return exit code 2. ### Actions Action is a piece of shell code that runs when a notification gets accepted. Accepting a notification is the same as dismissing it, but you have to use either `ACTION_BUTTON` (defaults to right mouse button) or the `SIGUSR2` signal. -An accepted notification always returns exit code 3. To specify an action: +An accepted notification always returns exit code 0. To specify an action: ```shell -$ herbe "Notification body" ; [ $? -eq 3 ] && echo "This is an action" +$ herbe "Notification body" && echo "This is an action" ``` Where everything after `&&` is the action and will get executed after the notification gets accepted.